Text (ENGLISH/日本語

I’m shy. It is the hopeless situation.
I’m always aware of the facial expressions of the person i’m talking to.
though, My work is difficult to understand and I can’t understand everything.
Because My work is stacked in many layers(things).
anyway, I am staying in Amsterdam now. My friend is staying there.
I can’t know how to take a rest, so I’m tired to work in Japan. (It is so afraid….)
Now, I’m visiting at Botanical garden in Amsterdam. It is the best place in there.
For 4 weeks, I spend slow times so much. For example taking a walk, cooking dinner, napping and so on.
It was the greatest days of my life. I might create work about this place. ( before this, I must talk about stayed in Akita. It was irreplaceable experience too.)
Putting that aside, my work’s statement (as much as I can transmit) is below.

My works use mixed media as well as sculpture.
The objects are created by experience and feeling myself. and the objects instal in the space like remember memories.

At first glance, it seems unrelated objects each other, but it is relate by memories myself. I recreate the past memories, Its works may doubt/introduce/evoke to appreciation time, after appreciation time and before appreciation time. Because I think we perhaps have a similar experience each other.

While art works have another time different from we spend usual life.
For instance, When I appreciated to Auguste Rodin”Eternal spring”, I was aware as if time stoped during this work and me. And when I went to hip-hop event in the club house, It felt my skin the sound like was now alive. ( I wanna ask “isn’t it?”)

I’m taking care to creating works that it is not just appreciation time and it makes experience like not go into a photo by physically.
I’m still exploling how to create something like that.